BodyTom® CT

Mobile, 32-slice

Equine CT

A true 32-slice CT scanner that can image the full cervical spine of an adult horse (thru C6, C7, T1), and quickly enables standing, sedating scans of the head and neck. This mobile, self-shielded scanner moves to the patient, for the most seamless, advanced imaging in the equine world.

 Portable Equine CT

The Solution to Cross-Sectional Imaging of the Equine Head, Neck, and
Cervical Spine

BodyTom CT
33” Bore

Large bore allows for imaging of the full equine cervical spine (thru C6, C7, and even T1).

On-Board Reconstruction Computer

Dedicated Windows-based computer generates fully reconstructed MPR and 3-D images within seconds of acquisition.

Self-Drive System

Even at 3,600 lbs. BodyTom can be driven by a single person, with obstruction sensors to protect the system, the walls, and any bystanders. Drive monitor shows what’s in front of the system while moving.


Lead-lined gantry allows scanning in any room without buildout or additional shielding.

Wireless Connectivity

No cords needed from scanner to workstation to PACS to Cloud.

Wide-Angle Camera

Camera allows driver to safely navigate hallways and even 90 degree turns.

Battery Powered

Cordless operation that continuously recharges via standard 110V electrical outlet.

Take a Closer Look

An Advanced, Portable Solution.

The Full Cervical Spine1:48

In the thickest part of the neck, you need a large bore and a scatter geometry that is up to the task. Cone Beam systems simply don’t offer enough diagnostic power. BodyTom provides the spatial and contrast resolution to diagnose pathologies that live deep into the cervical spine.

The Standing Head Scan 3:19

General anesthesia on a horse is expensive, labor-intensive, and risky to the horse. With BodyTom’s portable design, reversible sedation can be used to scan the head of horses while standing. Scan speeds are quick enough and workflow is so intuitive that that the entire process takes less than 10 minutes.

Portable and Versatile 2:51

Equine CT is an exclusive modality, even in the busiest hospitals. BodyTom can be rolled against the wall or in a storage spot so the scanning room can be used for other procedures and modalities. Being self-shielded and powered by a standard 110V outlet, no build-out is required.

Diagnostic Confidence

CT that Fits the Equine Patient

Imaging the equine neck has been almost exclusively limited to standard radiography due to the shear size of the anatomy. BodyTom® overcomes this obstacle with its 85 cm (33”) bore size and potable design, relative to the more common scanners with 60 cm diameter gantries. While there are pathologies that can be readily seen on standard radiographs, the remainder of the deeper, more impactful lesions such as osteochondrosis manifesta, osteochondrosis dessicans, bone cyst, fibrosis, cartilage matrix spicules in trabecular bone, and dilated vascular structures in marrow spaces are not detectable without the use of CT.

Standing equine CT Scan
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Sound® is proud to partner with Samsung NeuroLogica and its line of CT scanners. With the first BodyTom veterinary placement, San Luis Rey Equine Hospital was the second clinic in the world to produce a complete cervical CT study on a live, adult horse.


Maneuvering an anesthetized horse is a very difficult proposition, especially when trying to image specific anatomy. BodyTom® enables you to hoist the patient onto the table at your convenience, then roll the scanner right up to the horse for scanning. In fact, for less involved cases like the skull, BodyTom® allows you to image a standing, sedated patient with ease.


With full 3D and Mutli-Planar Reconstructions generated within SECONDS of image acquisition by way of an on-board reconstruction computer, BodyTom® offers an immediate and powerful tool to your diagnostic arsenal.


Unlike Cone Beam technology which has diagnostic shortcomings in contrast-resolution for larger anatomies and soft-tissue sections of the thorax and abdomen, CereTom® ‘s multi-slice acquisition offers reliable diagnostic power throughout the full anatomy. Also, since your CereTom® comes with unlimited cloud storage with Antech Imaging Services, a radiologist read is only a click away.

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