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Whether you are a new customer or a loyal lifetime customer of SOUND®, we want to ensure every interaction you have with us from this website, our sales team to customer support, that each touch point is the very best experience for you and your practice. We have created a dedicated department that specializes in your experience with SOUND®. Feel confident and secure that SOUND® is the right partner in veterinary imaging and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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SOUND® Customer Support Satisfaction

"Best service I ever had! I live in the province of Québec in Canada. I phone on a Friday afternoon, and I had a replacing x-ray system the next Monday at noon. You cann't beat that"

Service Veterinaire Ambulatoire Forget Inc

"Y'all have the absolute BEST customer service! So Glad Dr Lee purchased Sound Equipment!"

Double X Veterinary Services

"Not only do I love my laser, everyone at Sound Technologies has been a pleasure to deal with!"

Legacy Farms

"Durable, reliable, efficient with exceptional images."

Wise Equine Veterinary Services Ltd

"Great product, excellent service."

Stephenville Equine Sports Medicine

"Love the Next DR system."

James River Equine Service

"You offer the best products with the best support."

Grand Prix Equine

"Solid equipment."

Southern Equine Service

"Great service and images."

Rudolphi Veterinary Service

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Jackie Stuart – Customer Experience Manager

I started with SOUND Technologies in November 2007 as an Inside Sales Representative. Back then we were a team of 3. In 2011 I transitioned from there to create SOUND’s Warranty Department as Manager and in 2016 as SOUND’s Customer Experience Manager. I adopted Hollywood Knight Out (“KO”) in April 2013. He was SOUND’s first beta horse for the RLT and when his treatment was a huge success, although never owning a horse before, I knew I wanted him. I remember our President Tom Jacobi saying “Jackie, just because he is a free horse, doesn’t mean he’s actually free”. Those words will make me smile every day because KO has been the best “free” expensive gift I ever got. Today his days are mostly about just being a loved retired reigning horse; eating apples, carrots and letting the ranch know when he should have been fed already. He was rideable right after the laser treatment, but has learned to trail jog with my dog Maui and me, so it’s not unusual to see the three of us jogging around where someone will usually stop, laugh and comment that I should be ‘riding’ that horse, but I’d rather be exercising so it’s always been a win, win.