Laser Therapy

doctorVet®+ Therapy Laser

The First Fully Integrated Therapeutic Modality

The ALL NEW doctorVet+ Therapy Laser is the first of its kind, delivering a fully integrated solution into your practice for better patient care and quality outcomes.

doctorVet® Therapy Laser

The Self Training Laser

Class IV laser therapy is one of the fastest growing modalities in the veterinary profession. Multiple clinical studies have proven that laser therapy relieves pain and inflammation, stimulates nerve regeneration, speeds up healing, prevents scarring, and reduces swelling. Nearly 80% of veterinary patients can benefit from laser therapy.

SmartRLT Sport

MORE Rugged. MORE Portable. MORE Reliable.

SOUND® is committed to continually refining its product line to meet the demands of the equine veterinarian. The release of the SmartRLT Sport marks our 3rd evolution of regenerative laser since our introduction of RLT technology in 2012. After 500,000+ treatments, 40,000+ horses, and 500+ Winners, the RLT technology has lived up to that promise again and again.