Smart RLT Sport

Rugged. Reliable. Regenerative.

SOUND® is committed to continually refining its product line to meet the demands of the equine veterinarian. The release of the SmartRLT Sport marks our 3rd evolution of regenerative laser since our introduction of RLT technology in 2012. After 500,000+ treatments, 40,000+ horses, and 500+ Winners, the RLT technology has lived up to that promise again and again.

Introducing SmartRLT Sport

Portable, Powerful, Reliable, from a Partner You Trust

Rugged Tablet

The SOUND 14″ Rugged Tablet – reliable, safe environment use, consistent performance. IP65 rated water and dust resistance. Military Spec for shock vibration, EMI/EMC. Sunlight Readable HD Display. 1TB SSD with Windows 10 Embedded OS. Intel 8th Gen i5 Quad Core Processor.


Designed with the everyday technician in mind, the easy-to-hold handpiece with integrated “trigger” switch fits nicely into the built-in “holster” for quick storage between treatments or body parts. And with 9 feet of steel-reinforced fiber optic cable, the entire horse is within reach.

SOUND Smart Interface

Work Flow Optimized Three steps or less to treatment with an Intuitive interface and easily customized protocols to streamline treatment creation. On-Board Training & Support On-board help graphics and videos enable new users to be trained on proper use in minutes. On-system live chat with trained technicians delivers fast access to help when it’s needed most.

Portable & Reliable

Encased in a military-spec Pelican case, with integrated wheels and hand-cart, and weighing in under 45 lbs, the Sport is easily transported by any technician from truck to barn with 110V power.

Proven Results from Trusted Parameters

Short, high energy pulses that produce photo-acoustic effects that regenerate tissue. 1064nm Nd:YAG w/20 W Max Average Power. Up to 30 Hz Pulse Rate. Up to 2,000 mJ/Pulse

Take a Closer Look

Introducing the SmartRLT Sport – (1:39)

After 500,000+ treatments, 40,000+ horses, and 500+ Winners,
the RLT technology has lived up to that promise again and again.

Who’s Using SmartRLT?

MORE Portable. MORE Rugged.

Built In Wheels & Handle

Easier to Carry

Military Grade Tablet

Clinical Evidence

Results Demonstrate:

  • Repair of ligament and tendon lesions
  • Reduction of scar tissue within and around tendons
  • Normalization of muscle fibers and function
  • Analgesia
  • Anti-Inflammatory processes
  • Collagen production
  • Cell proliferation

Equine Tendon Study at AAEP 2018 (6:40)

Drs. Pool, Rantanen, Martinelli & Stephens discussing results from double-blinded equine tendon study at AAEP 2018.

Regenerative Laser Fits Your Practice




Whether the patients suffer from acute trauma, chronic degenerative lesions, or you are getting them primed for performance at a show/race, there is a treatment regimen and implementation strategy that fits both logistically and financially into your schedule.

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Regenerative Laser Therapy Knowledge Center

Learn more about Regenerative Laser Therapy and how to make the best choices when implementing into your practice. 

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The Regenerative Advantage

Regenerative Laser Therapy (RLT) is achieved when light is delivered in very short, very high-energy pulses. When these pulses are absorbed deep into the tissue, they create an outgoing shockwave (in all directions;) called a photo-acoustic wave that propagates even deeper into the tissue. More importantly, these waves can interact with the extracellular matrix, a web of tissue around the tendon/ligament that hold important growth factors. RLT can force these growth factors to be released and absorbed into injured cells when they would NOT have naturally. RLT technology broadens the scope of what can be treated to the more severe pathologies, especially in the ligaments and tendons of the equine athlete. Injuries that will naturally cause scar tissue, which over time will compromise the elasticity of the tendon/ligament, can now be nipped in the bud (if caught early) or even restored in chronic cases.

The Benefits of Therapy

Stimulating the body to do what it does, only faster.

  • Stimulates capillary circulation
  • Enhances perfusion of blood from vessels to tissues
  • Initiate the release of oxygen from blood
  •  Enhances targeted tissue oxygenation
  •  Enhances efficiency of ATP production process
  • Generate more cellular energy within cells
  • Faster and stronger healing

RLT is Above and Beyond with Tissue Regeneration

Forcing the body to re-align and re-vitalize when it WOULD NOT have otherwise.

Short, powerful laser pulses can generate acoustic waves that

  • Propagate deeper into tissue
  • Agitate the extra-cellular matrix
  • Release the growth factors that lay dormant on injured cells
  • Increase permeability of the cells
  • Nutrients can enter cells easier
  • Waste can exit cells easier

RLT is Scientifically Validated to Regenerate Tissue

  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles
  • Cartilage
  • Bone/Joint
  • Wounds
  • Even pre- and post-performance

Can be used alone or as an adjunct to:

  • Extra-corperal Shockwave
  • PRP
  • Stem Cells Therapy
  • IRAP
  • Injections
Select Features

More Rugged. More Portable.

SOUND® refuses to be satisfied with success. The SmartRLT Sport represents the forefront of innovation, decreasing the total volume by 67% and the weight by 31% from the SmartRLT, while maintaining the proven output parameters and enhancing the durability of all components. Now equine vets and techs of all sizes can easily transport and deliver this amazing technology in the clinic, at the track, and in the field.

Right Tool. Right Handle.

Designed to ergonomically treat the tendons and ligaments of the equine limb as well as to comfortably massage the soft tissue of backs and stifles. The handpiece and optics allow for maximum light penetration with optimal patient comfort during treatment. For the deep-seated lesions of the hoof, SOUND® has developed disposable caps that can withstand the rugged exterior of the frog, protecting the lens and ensuring the longevity of the system.

Smart Interface Keeps Your Focus on Your Patient.

Advanced user interface saves time with new efficient settings and treatment protocols. Boasting a patient calendar, on-screen treatment videos, easy to view protocols, simple workflow, WiFi enabled auto-updater, and so much more!

Same Parameters. Same Extraordinary Results.

Back in 2012 when SOUND® first brought Regenerative Lasers to the veterinary market, there were already decades of research behind it. In the 7 years since, we’ve combined our laser and equine experience to build what we know to be one of the most powerful treatment tools in the equine veterinary arsenal. Without a doubt, SmartRLT Sport will continue to serve patients all over the world with the highest level of regenerative medicine.

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