Ultrasound: Portable

LOGIQ™ V Equine

Console Performance in a Durable Portable

GE’s new Vision series comes to life for veterinary use in the LOGIQ™ V Equine. A new compact ultrasound system designed to deliver Simple, Fast and Precise imaging performance.

LOGIQ™ e Vet NextGEN

When Only the Best Will Do

The new LOGIQ™ e Vet NextGEN imaging engine comes from GE’s flagship systems, delivering console performance in a compact package. Now with a Solid State Hard Drive & i7 Processor.

VIVID™ iq Vet

Portable. Powerful. In Touch.

The new generation of the one that started it all. The Vivid™ iq Vet delivers a combination of portability and power that fits right in with your needs wherever your journey takes you.