LOGIQ™ e Vet NextGEN

If Only The Best Will Do

The LOGIQ™ e Vet NextGEN stands alone as the only choice to take your mobile imaging practice to the next level

If Only The Best Will Do.

With Innovation, New Possibilities Emerge

15 Inch High Resolution Monitor
Coded Harmonic Imaging
Integrated Solid state Hard Drive
Needle Recognition and Gain

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When imaging is your business, the LOGIQ™ e Vet NextGEN ultrasound is the system of choice. A portable veterinary imaging system packed with technologies from General Electric’s flagship ultrasound platforms, the NextGEN delivers console performance for the on-the-go veterinarian. DVM’s from around the world rely on and brag about the superior imaging of this small yet powerful veterinary ultrasound system.

Diagnostic Confidence

Superb Imaging

Built with many of the innovative imaging technologies found in high-end GE ultrasound systems, providing the ability to image both very superficial and deep anatomy, with excellent penetration. Advanced features like Phase-Inversion Harmonics and Speckle-Reduction Imaging to help enhance spatial and contrast resolution for outstanding image clarity. Innovative real-time spatial compounding acquisition and processing techniques that enhance tissue and border definition.

GE Exclusive


Wide range of applications that help to increase your system’s versatility


1.5 – 5.0 MHz


4.2 – 10.0 MHz


1.7 – 4.0 MHz


2.5 – 7.0 MHz


4.2 – 13.0 MHz


6.7 – 18.0 MHz


3.6 – 12.0 MHz


4.2 – 13.0 MHz
(Button Probe)


10-22 MHz
(High Frequency)

Select Features

Accelerated Software

The New LOGIQ™ e Vet NextGen’s software has improved image quality along with several features ideally suited for the imaging specialist.

  • Plug and Play veterinary presets for out of the box, high-end imaging
  • Improved visualization of smaller targets
  • Patient Follow Up Tool with Fusion for
    serial studies

New Probe Technology

Exciting new transducer technology with expanded frequencies and bandwidth up to 22MHz, increasing capabilities of the imaging practice. New Button Probe technology improves efficiency and reduces resources during imaging procedures.

Advanced Hardware

  • Faster processing, faster frame rates, faster transition times enabling “Technology Layering” for enhanced imaging in
    multiple applications
  • Improved detail and contrast resolution along with improved penetration on all probes
  • Double the channel count of current LOGIQ™ e
  • Solid State Hard Drive and i7 Processor

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